Christine Ludwick, PA-C

Physician Assistant

Christine Ludwick diagnoses and treats patients at Aspire’s urgent care practice. Her approach to medicine is that body, mind, and soul are closely connected and integral to one’s health and quality of life. Naturally, Ludwick passionately embraces Aspire’s philosophy to treat the entire person and to focus on healthy lifestyles and fitness as preventive care that help people live better lives.

Formally trained with wide and varied experience in medicine, Ludwick is conscious of integrating complementary alternative medicine treatments where they are applicable for the patient. She also really listens to each individual to tailor treatment to their specific needs and problems.

Ludwick spent seven years in urban family practice serving the uninsured and underinsured and seven years practicing HIV medication in that same practice. Ludwick served six years of preceptorship with PA students.

Through her experiences, she has learned that the treatment of patient’s health issues needs to be personal and tailored to that person for it to have the greatest positive effect. Like all at Aspire, Ludwick strives for excellence and to promote long lasting change in individuals lives through medicine.

She is the mother of two young children and enjoys parenting them. She is also an avid fiction reader and runs to keep in shape.

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