Jennifer Lowe, Physical Therapist

Jennifer Lowe is a physical therapist at AspireFIT. She is excited to help people attain their goals, no matter how small, so they can be active and enjoy life to the fullest.  Jennifer has a broad range of experience from working with post surgery, neurologically impaired and critically ill patients in the hospital, to home health and acute rehabilitation.   All of these combine to assist in understanding the big picture of a patient’s recovery process.

Jennifer is a graduate of the 1990 University of Delaware PT program.  She loves studying human anatomy and passes on that love by teaching the subject at a local high school.  Jennifer is pursuing her certification in becoming a certified kinesiotape practitioner.

Outside of work, Jennifer’s primary joy is spending time with her husband, four sons and new daughter-in-law. She is a lover of classical music and enjoys playing her clarinet and psaltery at home or church. Jennifer has hiked over 400 miles of the Appalachian Trail with the highlight happening this past August with the summiting of Mt. Katadhin in Maine.

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