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AspireFIT and AspirePRIME • 4800 Linglestown Road • Harrisburg, PA 17112


AspireFIT is a state-of-the-art movement center that provides physical therapy, athletic training and health through better movement.

So, what is better movement? To live life to its fullest, we must be healthy, fit and able to move freely. Science shows that our health depends on our ability to move and keep moving. When we are unable or unwilling to move, because of pain, lifestyle or ability, our overall health suffers. Whether you’re recovering from injury or lack of activity or want to train as a high performance athlete, the movement specialists at AspireFIT can help you meet your goals at any level. Working together, we can heal injuries, boost performance and enjoy an active life.


AspireFIT’s approach to injury prevention:

Aside from sudden, severe stressors (impact, etc.), most injuries are directly related to long-term repeated stress through an inefficient range of movement.  It may also be a sudden stress on an ill prepared joint.  We will teach your brain and body proper movement and prepare the body to not only move well but to move optimally under stress.

AspireFIT’s approach to weight loss:

Partnering with our weight loss clients requires a true understanding of not only personal goals but motives and current or past roadblocks.  We will offer a plan to meet your goals and sustain them for the future. Together, we will engage in accountability and celebration.

AspireFIT’s approach to athletic performance:

AspireFIT allows for peak performance through optimizing dynamic movement under load and stress.  This is accomplished through aligning, strengthening and empowering the athlete’s body to move with its best efficiency and purpose.

AspireFIT is one of the few practices in the area to offer VO2 testing. VO2 testing measures how much oxygen you consume when you exercise. This is a reflection of your body’s potential to work hard and burn fat. The test is brief but intense and will provide you with an understanding of your body’s current capacity to perform. Typically, VO2 testing is performed annually or bi-annually to measure change in your ability to perform. To schedule your VO2 test, contact us at 717-657-2592.

AspireFIT’s approach to strength training:

Power is expressed as strength through movement.  Employing our injury prevention principles, we ensure that increased strength is achieved through efficient movements.



Measure and manage movement & fitness metrics

Personalized training with movement specialist interaction (Includes FITPass)

Scheduled group fitness sessions with movement specialist oversight

AspireFIT’s take on your favorite exercise classes

Open membership to clients who have already participated in Training or Courses


Q: What are the hours of operation?
A: AspireFIT is open:

Monday 6am-8pm
Tuesday 5am-7pm
Wednesday 6am-8pm
Thursday 6am-7pm
Friday 5am-12pm.

To join a course or class, find out more information about our innovative approach, or talk to a member of our team, give us a call 717.657.2592.

Q: Where are you located?
A: AspireFIT is located near Linglestown Square at 4800 Linglestown Road in Harrisburg.


Aspire accepts cash, personal checks, Visa, MasterCard and Discover. Please call 717.657.2592 to inquire.

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