“I recently moved from Denver CO and I’m happy to have found a fitness home at AspireFIT. AF was highly recommended as being, “very good and very motivating.” I decided to drop by AF and take a look: I met Matt and discussed my fitness interests and goals. After 5 minutes, I was excited to work with him.


I’ve trained with fitness professionals in the past with good outcomes, but I had issues that weren’t getting addressed. Why can’t I beat this shoulder injury? Why is my sacrum so mobile? Why can’t I strengthen my low back? Matt answered my questions after the first session. He was able to see the weaknesses in my body alignment, educate me on body awareness, motion and function, and he had a system that would create stability and build strength. I knew it was going to take time, but I was ready to do the work.  Stronger body, less pain! That was all the motivation I needed.


AspireFIT isn’t a big box gym, bodies in bodies out, or a trendy training style, which can be prone to cause injury. It’s training to reach peak strength and performance for lifelong fitness and health. I’m building functional muscle mass while increasing endurance.


I began training two months ago. I started slow, re-learning basic body mechanics

– like walking properly, correct posture, balance, and body alignment. I know these things seem simple, even innate, but old patterns are hard to break and they have been hampering my wellbeing and fitness growth for years.


I was seriously weak, with no core strength. A 3lb weight was all I could lift. I had multiple movement patterns that needed to be corrected, and I was living with chronic shoulder and low back pain. I can’t believe that in 2 months my shoulder pain is hardly noticeably. I’m learning and able to perform some functional movement patterns correctly (these are very hard for me J) and I have increased muscle strength and energy!


Working with Matt has been amazing! He has great knowledge of human anatomy and can accommodate any personal physical strength or limitation. He easily works with multiple levels of fitness skill, in any class. He’s a stickler on the small details that make a big difference. His passion for training is obvious. His enthusiasm is contagious. Best of all, he is an extremely nice person!


Moving to a new city can be stressful. Meeting the wonderful staff and clients at AspireFIT and starting a healthy fitness routine has helped to make Pennsylvania…Home! Thank you Matt and AspireFIT!”


Karen Dufurrena


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