Dr. Skurcenski is an urgent care physician supporting the Aspire urgent care team and getting patients through those unexpected doctor visits. She has been a board certified family physician since 1999 who enjoys the interaction with patients and families. As an urgent care physician, Dr. Skurcenski has opportunity to help during times of illness and other medical concerns where that love of human interaction means a lot to her patients.

One of Dr. Skurcenski’s biggest strengths is her willingness to take the time to listen to people’s concerns and never treat them like a number. Her training as a family physician provides her the ability to discuss preventive medicine and health issues that have deeper impact beyond urgent care for the “whole individual.”

Dr. Skurcenski has worked in private family practice for nine years with breaks only taken to raise her family. Family is important in the care equation: having children of her own has helped her as a physician, especially in providing practical advice for parents.

She is appreciative of the like minds at Aspire who appreciate the importance of putting family first as part of their core philosophy. As a mom, Skurcenski appreciates the dynamic schedule Aspire’s urgent care practice provides her to balance professional and family life.

Dr. Skurcenski enjoys running, photography, and especially watching her kids develop in their youth sports activities.


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