Director of Urgent Care, Partner

Dr. White co-founded Aspire with Dr. Rayner to realize their shared philosophy of better, more complete health care designed to heal the whole individual, not just treat symptoms. A hands-on professional, Dr. White is responsible for administering emergency medicine, managing daily operations and clinical staff of urgent care at the AspireCARE practice in Harrisburg.

Dr. White’s work in emergency medicine came from a desire to meet people in crisis with purposed intervention. A board-certified emergency medicine provider, he has extended his experience greatly in unconventional ways — as an officer in the United States Air Force Special Operations, deployed as member of Special Operations Surgical Team and a member of the Indian Health Service staff as an emergency medicine physician, Navajo Nation.

Through these experiences “on the ground,” Dr. White began to recognize much of the disease and illness that he was responding to during his work in crisis situations was preventable. This revelation drove Dr. White to form a practice that pressed individual patients to take more responsibility for their health in partnership with their doctor with the goal of better, more successful outcomes.

While Dr. White continues to triage crises on a smaller scale in Aspire’s urgent care practice (those uh-oh moments), he is bringing to life a much larger part of his vision along with partner Dr. Rich Rayner, the other primary care providers, and the AspireFIT team, that has extended his reactive work into a much more powerful  prevention/maintenance philosophy that is keeping people well and making them better.

Dr. White was residency trained in emergency medicine and is Board Certified, ABEM. He was an assistant professor of emergency medicine at Penn State Hershey Medical Center and staff emergency medicine physician for Pinnacle Health (still with part-time status).

Having worked a full range of settings — from urban to remote rural to austere combat — emergency work suits Dr. White’s comfort well. As it pertains to growing Aspire as a practice, it has made him acutely attuned to better serve a mixed cultural and socio-economic demographic. He believes everyone has a story that has landed them in that crisis moment with him. He thus values each patient as a unique individual with value and dignity.

Dr. White is active as you may have guessed. He enjoys the outdoors where he can mountain bike (a former racer), skiing, hiking, climbing and camping. On and off the urgent care floor, he urges others to aspire to  do these things too.


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