Personal Trainer

Matt White is AspireFIT’s secret weapon: a personal trainer who comes from a tremendous cross-section of experience, training, and performance. White is responsible for running several fitness and training programs at AspireFIT helping patients realize their potential and work to achieve it.

With so many people living far below their health and performance potential, White helps AspireFIT patients first develop a clearer vision of their true potential. Through a variety of fitness and training programs offered at AspireFIT, White gently moves patients into a place where they become willing to make the necessary sacrifices to realize their full potential and work to achieve it.

White understands people are complex and that emotional, spiritual and physical aspects in each person’s life play a role in their overall health and fitness. Accordingly, his programs are developed from a perspective of treating the whole person. His goal is to inspire patients to be better and truly make a positive impact in their lives by showing them how to get there.

White is a Penn State University graduate and ACE Certified Personal Trainer. He had an active sports career leading up to his tenure at AspireFIT as a top wrestler. White was 2X Division I All American in Wrestling champion, 3X Pan American Medalist Free Style Wrestling champion, and ranked 10th in the World, Freestyle Wrestling 2005.

Throughout his career he has coached health and sports in varying capacities on the high school level. Passing on his experience as a highly-conditioned champion wrestler, White has been a private wrestling coach since 1993. Building on this experience he has also been a personal trainer since 1994. Academically, White was a Physical Education Teacher from 1997-1998 before becoming an international freestyle wrestler between 1998 and 2008.

Over the past 20 years as a trainer, White has had opportunity to work with a wide range of people and situations from 10 to 93 years old. He has helped patients and students achieve their individual goals from post rehab, following the guidelines given by doctors and physical therapists, up to training elite athletes to perform at their peak. Competing at an elite level himself as a Division I athlete and as an international freestyle wrestler, White had to overcome  adversity and injuries himself giving him unique empathy in how he works with patients today.

When not making people perform better, White is busy as a ceramic artist always on the go: mountain biking, kayaking, surfing, hiking, or Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu wrestling. White aspires to someday summit the highest peak in the Western Hemisphere.


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