Director of AspirePRIME, Partner

Dr. Richard Rayner is an experienced family medicine and urgent care provider who leads Aspire’s concierge medicine practice. Drs. Rayner and White are the founders and partners of AspireCARE and AspireFIT, and now AspirePRIME.

Dr. Rayner cares for a wide range of patients from newborns to geriatrics, instilling the Aspire edict of providing comprehensive care at any age. He is driven by helping patients through disease prevention, treating chronic conditions, as well as addressing acute illnesses.

His desire to be a physician dates back to his fascination with the stories he heard from his aunts who were nurses. The first aid skills he learned as a Boy Scout were enough to ignite his passion for treating people hands-on and set his course towards becoming a physician.

Primary care resonated with him from the start as he saw the benefits and joys of caring for not just the individual, but the whole family. It didn’t hurt Dr. Rayner comes from a family with an artistic side either. The creative problem-solving side of family medicine is appealing to his aesthetics, with each physician having to uniquely craft encounters with patients to solve different problems together.

As Dr. Rayner grew professionally, emotionally and spiritually, he realized that he could help people better by partnering more closely with patients to apply his deep medical knowledge “in the trenches.” Dr. Rayner’s approach to medicine through Aspire looks at health as the sum total of one’s family and environment, and considers the effects of how these impact physical and emotional factors that influence health. The bio-psycho-social model of providing medical care is not theory, it’s a reality that Rayner gets to see played out daily in his practice.

Dr. Rayner brings experience as a teacher of medicine into Aspire and his style of practicing reflects that history. He taught family medicine residents full-time, and medical students from Jefferson Medical College and Penn State Hershey Medical College on a part-time basis over 18 years. Rayner has experience in urban and suburban settings as well as inpatient hospital environments.

Dr. Rayner does a great deal of teaching with patients at Aspire explaining their conditions in a way they can understand and with information they can apply.

Dr. Rayner has done overseas missions to Kenya, Turkey, Azerbijan, and Mexico — experiences have been invaluable and have influenced his understanding of the world and the individuals that inhabit it.

In his personal time Rayner enjoys running and working out and can often be found trotting alongside Team Aspire. He has been a singer all his life, and plays piano, trumpet and even the tuba! Always the consummate student, Rayner has developed a real love for literature. The consummate maker, he crafts his own wine, and enjoys many different types of wine — as long as they’re a dry red!


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