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VO2 testing at Aspire

AspireFIT is one of the few practices in the area to offer VO2 testing.

Reach past your plateau

Everyone has a target workout zone in which they experience optimum performance. Most athletes only know how to train on the high end of this spectrum because they believe pushing themselves harder will make them perform better. Actually, learning how to train your body in the proper heart rate zones has a compounding effect on increasing your peak performance. Understanding your VO2 spectrum enables you to train better to get the absolute most out of your performance. Our highly skilled athletic performance coaches can help you use this knowledge to your advantage.

What is your VO2 MAX?

Your VO2 MAX is genetic. We each have a number based on our body type, age, genetics , etc. While you can only change this number marginally, you can improve how much of your VO2 MAX range you are using to realize better performance.

VO2 testing

Understanding your body helps you understand your potential. Knowing your heart rate zones, and training appropriately using these zones, will help you perform better.

VO2 testing measures how much oxygen you consume when you exercise. This is a reflection of your body’s potential to work hard and burn fat. The test is brief but intense and will provide you with an understanding of your body’s current capacity to perform. Like blood pressure or cholesterol, your body is continually changing with your activity, age, and other biometric factors. Typically, VO2 testing is performed annually or bi-annually to measure change in your ability to perform.

To schedule your VO2 test, contact us at 717-657-2592.

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